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09/05/14My Classic Car

We have just uploaded 16 seasons of My Classic Car onto! That’s 312-episodes worth of the renowned television show available to stream, download, or own, all at your immediate convenience. Your host Mr. Dennis Gage has travelled to all corners of our fine country to capture the essence of America’s love affair with the automobile. Dennis will not only take you along for the ride, he’ll make sure that you stay informed and entertained with his unique perspective and enthusiasm for all things automotive. Now in its 17th season, this show has something for everyone. From daily-drivers to Duesenberg’s – from local cruise-ins to the most prestigious car shows in the world, this program covers it all! See you all on down the road!

Dennis gageCartoon Dennis GageChevyJay Leno Goes Live! is now LIVE!


With the global sea-change that is currently and continually altering the landscape of how people view video and media content worldwide, Questar Entertainment stands at the forefront of this change, and is leading the way in the special interest media category with the launch of our brand new instant streaming internet television channel and on-demand video service, at brings Questar’s extensive video library to your home, computer, or mobile device wherever you are, and at any moment.  You will enjoy programs from a wide array of subject matter, including travel, nature and wildlife, history, inspirational and faith-based, children and family, and military, plus a variety of Hollywood classic films and non-fiction television shows.



If you happen to find yourself standing before the magnificent Coliseum, or the wondrous Pyramids of Giza, or the enchanting Eiffel Tower, and you would like some cultural or historical background on them, we’ve got you covered!  If you’re thinking of travelling to Europe, Africa, the Caribbean, or anywhere in the world, and you would like a unique perspective on the location before your travels commence, our acclaimed filmmakers and hosts Rudy Maxa, Marlin Darrah, Steve McCurdy, Burt Wolf, Shari Belafonte, Pat and Regina Johnson (Grannies on Safari), and Rick Ray can help lead the way! Moreover, our travel programs are a great way for you to share the interesting and beautiful places that you have visited with your friends and family after you’ve returned home.



Water Life is also proud to contain content specific to the eco-revolution that is currently taking place.  Our series’ of programs Earth from Above and Water Life dive right into and explore environmental preservation and the conservation of Earth’s most precious resources.  They also reveal how we can help increase and strengthen the sustainability process of our beautiful Planet Earth for future generations.  America’s 58 National Parks, filmed by award-winning filmmaker Dennis Burkhart, offers definitive proof as to how we have already succeeded in helping to keep this planet of ours healthy, and remain awe-inspiring for centuries to come by preserving our cherished national park system of America.



Do you remember that classic car you had growing up?  Well, we’d wager that you will find it, and a whole lot more, amongst our endless library of content from the television series My Classic Car, hosted by Dennis Gage.  Dennis travels to every corner of America, seeking out the classic automobiles that helped My Classic Cardefine each generation, and which continue to allow car lovers a chance to feel the thrill of the open road.


And, it doesn’t end there!  After 30 years in the media industry, Questar Entertainment has amassed an extensive collection of video content that is family friendly, absorbing, entertaining, and educational. We hope you and your family savor your experience on!


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