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With two million U.S. marriages every year, these 12 Honeymoon Holidays are not the ordinary destinations. For newlyweds that want their honeymoon to be a “trip-of-a-lifetime,” one they can truly call their own, these 12 magical places of rare natural beauty and adventure will linger on their minds for years to come. Later they will become places for a “second honeymoon” where they can renew their vows.

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12 Honeymoon Holidays
Runtime: 2 hours 42 minutes

Produced By: Small World Productions and Rudy Maxa’s World Productions, Ltd.
Starring: Rudy Maxa
As seen on American Public Television

Imagine your honeymoon at:

1. French Riviera – Picturesque Mediterranean towns and villages with the Alps as a backdrop.

2. Barcelona – Youthful, creative, and vibrant with Spain’s great art and architecture you must see. 

3. Tuscany – Landscapes, history, and artistic legacy of the world found its capital in Florence.

4. Croatia – Small, historic country in the Balkans on the beautiful Adriatic Sea.

5. Turkish Riviera – The Turkish Riviera with sunny, charming towns along the blue Aegean Sea.  

6. South Africa – On safari is an experience of a lifetime surrounded by untamed wildlife you will never forget. 

7. Bangkok – Thailand’s magical fairyland of golden palaces, floating markets, and majestic spires.

8. New Zealand – The real middle of the earth with beautiful cultures and gloriously uncrowded beaches

9. French Polynesia – South Pacific Island “chic” sculptured by sky-piercing moss green peaks, surrounded by vivid turquoise lagoons.

10. Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta – The greatness of Mexico on the sparkling waters of the Pacific.

11. Montreal – French flavor in an international city known for fun and incredible nightlife.

12. Caribbean’s Dominican Republic – Fabulous waterfalls, beaches, scuba-diving, and adventure.

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