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See international cooking and travel superstar Anthony Bourdain in his orginal television show, “A Cook’s Tour.” The complete series: All 35 episodes from Anthony Bourdain’s first TV series. The #1 food writer and televison presenter in the world, and star of Travel Channel and CNN, Anthony Bourdain reinvented the food travel genre. In his groundbreaking first television series, that originally aired on the Food Network, Bourdain travels around the world indulging his taste for local cuisine and eccentric characters. Join Tony as he feasts on sushi in Tokyo, enjoys authentic Mexican cuisine, traverses the Australian Outback on a memorable food journey, and shows a unique version of Culinary styles in America. You never know what he’ll say, who he will meet, or what they will have for dinner.

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DVD Contains: Complete series, 2 seasons, 35 episodes
DVD Package: 6 discs in a DVD collector’s pack
Runtime: 13 hours

Produced By: The New York Times Company
Starring: Anthony Bourdain
As seen on the Food Network.
Anthony Bourdain’s first season on television

DVD 1: The United States – 8 episodes Through the course of his normal workday at Brasserie Les Halles in New York City, Tony takes us on a trip down memory lane to the most formative moments of his chef career. Other episodes include No Beads, No Babes, No Bourbon Street (New Orleans), The French Laundry Experience (Napa), and My Own Heart of Darkness (LA).

DVD 2: Mexico and the Americas – 5 episodes Tony heads to a Oaxacan food market, where he tastes toasted grasshoppers, tripe soup and a local sausage which yields a flavorful red oil. Other episodes include Food Tastes Better with Sand Between your Toes (St. Martin) and A Mystical World, and How to be a Carioca (Brazil).

DVD 3: Europe – 6 episodes Arachon, France, the birthplace of Tony’s father, was the first place Tony learned to love food. Tony revisits his childhood and enjoys many staples, including steak frites, gaufres (waffles), and soupe de pecheur (fishermans soup). Other episodes include A Pleasing Palate (London) and Highland Grub (Scotland).

DVD 4: Morocco and Russia – 4 episodes After sampling local dishes and vodka in St. Petersburg, Tony enjoys a steam, eats smoked fish and ends the outing with a dip in the outdoor cold pool. Other episodes include Desert Feast and Traditional Tastes (Morocco).

DVD 5: Australia and Japan – 5 episodes When Tony’s car breaks down in the outback, he is found by a veteran of the bush who brings him back to camp and feeds him a slap-up meal of bush tucker, including kangaroo and wattleseed-bush tomato. Other episodes include The Wild West of Cooking (Melbourne), Mad Tony (Sydney), and Dining with Geishas (Rural Japan).

DVD 6: Asia – 7 episodes Tony has a spontaneous adventure in Bangkok where he tries foods such as deep fried frog skins and pla rah, a fish paste that has fermented for three months. Other episodes include Eating on the Mekong (Vietnam) and Wild Delicacies (Cambodia).

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