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Travel to 5 continents! This extraordinary series, shot in high definition, educates and entertains children as it brings them right into the heart of the most fascinating and pristine environments on the planet. Jump into the habitats of polar bears, exotic monkeys, colorful toucans, giant whales, penguins, bald eagles, and grizzly bears as we tour the globe to witness wildlife as it is meant to be: “Uncaged.”

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DVD Contains: All 9 episodes
DVD Package: 3 discs in a DVD collector’s pack
Runtime: 4 hours

Produced By: Icon Television Music, Inc. and Mann-Made Pictures

DVD 1: Costa Rica, Galapagos, South Georgian Islands, and the Florida Everglades
Costa Rica & Panama – Rainforest canopies are brimming with the sounds of new world monkeys, exotic birds, fascinating mammals, and rare insects.

Galapagos: Nature’s Playground – From frisky sea lions and century-old tortoises, to playful dolphin and tropical penguins, the Galapagos Islands are chock full of amazing wildlife.

Giant Seals of the South Georgian Islands – Behemoth elephant seals twenty feet long and legions of eager fur seals are scattered across the island of South Georgia.

Florida Everglades – Alligators lurk in the swamps right next to the huge pythons, turtles, and even manatees.

DVD 2: Antarctica, Alaska, and the Arctic Circle
Antarctica – Penguins dive deep into the freezing waters in search of a fishy meal as they try avoid the deadly jaws of giant seals lurking in the waters.

Land of the Ice Bears – High above the Artic Circle mighty polar bears trek across sheets of ice in search of their next meal while walruses dare to do battle.

Alaska’s Primal Hunters – The majestic bald eagle surveys from high above, as the great brown bear stalks the land below. Don’t forget about the giant moose, mighty whales, and many more!

DVD 3: India, Rwanda, and Beyond…
Northern India, Nepal, and China – Travel throughout Asia where we encounter everything from yaks to ferocious crocodiles, to monkeys and pandas.

Rwandan Mountain Gorillas – Take a safari deep into the heart of Africa where giant giraffes and one-ton water buffaloes roam the open plains, and then go to the Congo where mountain gorillas rule.

Best of Uncaged – Trek across the planet to witness animals the way they were meant to be seen!

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