Around the World: One Man’s Journey On Demand


Experience the journeys of a lifetime! This extraordinary film explores enchanting destinations and its fascinating stories are told in travelogue style.

Acclaimed geographic travel journalist Doug Jones has been traveling the world his entire life, and in this remarkable film he brings you the highlights of his voyages to the most exciting, mystical, and awe-inspiring places around the globe. Doug’s destinations include Alaska, Japan, China, Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Brunei, Philipines, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Russia, England, New York, Canada, and South America.  Around the World: One Man’s Journey takes you on a stunning retrospective of the world’s top travel destinations. Follow Doug to over thirty countries on six continents as he explores some of the most magical, delightful, and exciting places in all of existence!  From teeming metropolises to natural jungles unspoiled by the presence of man, Doug takes you across the vast and varied ecosystems of the Earth. Bringing an unparalleled lifetime of travel expertise to bear, Doug lets you discover seldom seen natural secrets and vibrant cultural traditions from all around the world. It is all here!  Doug is a master traveler who has been waiting his whole life to take you on the tour. Relax and enjoy the show. You are in good hands!

Highlights include journeys to:

•The Taj Mahal
•The Kamakura Buddha
•The Pyramids
•The Eiffel Tower
•Big Ben
•The Berlin Wall
•Iguazu Falls
•Machu Picchu
•Carnival in Rio
•The Great Wall of China
•Alaska’s glaciers
•And much, much more!


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Runtime: 1 hour and 46 minutes

Produced by: Doug Jones
Starring: Doug Jones


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