Earth From Above Episode 5: Earth Part 1


Take a remarkable trip across the globe to discover beautiful lands, many that are in danger. Yet hope can be found in the dedicated people striving to preserve our planet for future generations. Start in Yellowstone, America’s first National Park, and see awe-inspiring and powerful ecological wonders. Next, fly high above Peru, and the vast Amazon rainforest bursting with remarkable biodiversity and rare species found nowhere else in the world. Catch a bird’s eye view of a Rocky Mountain farm to see how new ranching techniques are helping sustain the land. Finally, trek to the Chinese country-side and experience an immense sandstorm that is threatening to turn Beijing into a desert.

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Episode 5: Earth Part 1
Runtime: 46 minutes and 2 seconds minutes

Produced By: Montparnasse Production
Starring: Yahn Arthus-Bertrand
As seen on Francetelevisions


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