It’s A Miracle Episode 216: Television Reunion; Finding my Beshert; Internet Angels;


Television Reunion
For over forty years, Ernest thought he’d lost his brother in Auschwitz. But, after he appeared on a television show, a man from Brooklyn, who had no connection to Earnest, noticed a resemblance between Ernest and a neighborhood friend back home in Serbia. He confirmed his suspicions, and the Brooklyn man became responsible for a very miraculous reunion between two families that were worlds apart.

Finding My Beshert
In January of 1992, Azriela advertised for a husband in the personal-ads section of a Boston newspaper called “The Jewish Advocate.” After a few months of bad dates, Azriela decided to cancel her ad in the paper. She came to the conclusion that maybe God wanted her to find her “beshert” (soul-mate) some other way. Unbeknownst to Azriela, God was about to send her soul-mate to her. Stephen was married at the time the ad appeared in the paper, but the marriage was unraveling. While going through the divorce, Stephen reluctantly reentered the singles scene. One day, while visiting an aunt in another town, he was given her current copy of “The Jewish Advocate.” His aunt suggested he check out the personal ads. When Stephen glanced through them, one ad caught his eye. He wrote to the woman that very night. The ad Stephen saw was the one that Azriela had cancelled months earlier, but for some reason Azriela’s ad appeared in the one paper Stephen looked at. The two met the night Azriela received the letter, and it was love at first sight. Both knew they would eventually marry. In fact, the two married only a year later. Azriela called “The Jewish Advocate” to tell them of her good news. She was also curious about her ad… how did it end up in the paper again without her knowledge, or permission? Azriela assumed they were having a slow month, but what she heard next would give her chills. Courtney, the employee who entered the personal ads each week, recognized Azriela immediately over the phone. Courtney told Azriela that she remembered Azriela calling to ask that her ad be rerun over Labor Day weekend. Azriela was stunned, and she told Courtney that she didn’t make such a call. Azriela and Stephen believe that their meeting was due to divine intervention. The two have now been happily married for six years, and they have three beautiful children.

Internet Angels
The technology that we use in everyday life would have seemed impossible to people who lived at the beginning of this century. However, practically everyone today has a cellular phone, pager, fax machine, or electronic organizer. Who could have ever imagined that the internet would save a human life? One family from China found “angels on the internet” that saved their son’s life.

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Episode 216: Television Reunion; Finding my Beshert; Internet Angels;
Runtime: 30 minutes

Hosted and narrated by Richard Thomas
As seen on PAX TV


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